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My book The Confident Presenter is about how to become a confident presenter and own the room (makes sense).

Another application for increased confidence is charisma. This is how to be more impactful in every area of your life. From meetings to networking, to when you’re out on dates or when you’re at home with your family and even when you’re alone. Charisma isn’t about being the life of the party or otherwise extremely extroverted. It’s about owning your personal strength, being rooted in your own beliefs, caring about others’ experiences and investing in your relationships.

Contrary to another myth about charisma, it’s not about hustling or trying to gain an advantage, it’s about being holistic and authentic and genuine. (The advantages, such as increased confidence and forging stronger bonds and being more impactful, come directly from that authenticity).

My online course called Supercharge your Charisma helps participants do all of the above, resulting in powerful changes in their life. You too can be more impactful and influential. The next Charisma session is running 18 July, 19.30 CEST. And I’ve got a discount code right here: use JOINUP20 to get 20% off.

NOTE: This charisma course is one of my favorite things to teach because the principles and strategies are universally applicable. And it’s super practical and a ton of fun (according to past participants).

You’ll leave with an armload of skills to apply in your daily life, making you more confident, influential and comfortable.

Join me.