Allegedly we’re flying out to Rome on Monday morning at 7:30am, but the weather here and in Italy is cold. And snowy. It could take a whole lot of waiting at Heathrow before we get on a plane – today there were waits of hours nd hours and hours. But when we do take-off we’ll be hoping the airports in Italy aren’t closed, like they were today.

Coming back may be a similar clusterfuck.

They should make some holiday movies about the difficulties of getting home for the holidays..

Has anyone thought of that yet?

It’s a great idea. Light, bittersweet, poignant, family-oriented comedies with delays and mishaps and miscommunications and festive sweaters and drunk uncles, and special toys and mall Santas and jingling bells and a frantic search for something… but somehow everybody would get to be together at the end and learn valuable lessons about life, themselves, relationships and the true meaning of Christmas.