These taxi drivers really make me mad. Not all of them. Just the rip-off artists. I know it’s not all of them, some of them love to talk football with me and teach me words of Romanaccio and so forth. But others, like the guy who drove me and Jason home from the film fest on a windy route nowhere near our house and looked hurt when we underpaid him, and even tried to justify it to me. That dude was a prick and a cheat.

And today! Again! Going from the Vatican to St. Eustachio with some clients. I climbed into the front seat as I usually do, and was talking to the clients over my shoulder. When I turned around I couldn’t help but notice the drivers ballcap right over top of the meter. Not the whole meter, mind you, just the part where it shows the tariffa, that is, the rate you’re paying. When I moved it, sure enough, he was taking us for more than one ride. He apologized though, as if the fact his hat had somehow haphazardly gotten fixed onto the corner of the meter just so, and the fact he was overcharging us were coincedental occurences.

He wasn’t surprised when he was underpaid either. I hate being suspicous, but i’m gonna be way more careful from here on in. I’m tired of this bullshit.