I’m psyched about my hometown being the centre of international sport, bonhomie, and patriotic zest. On the other hand I worry Vancouver may have sold out personal privacy, the homeless, civic funding, artistic and journalistic freedom in order to kow-tow to the Olympics machine. Check the Onlympics for an ongoing Credit Check.

But the time for hand-wringing is later. For now I’m just psyched on wintersports action. Especially the hockey.

And once you hear Canada’s Mens Olympic Hockey Team tear apart the competition in a hip-hop masterclass of glass-rattling brutality, you will be too.

Click through for the dopest international hockey themed Olympic rap you’ll hear this year.

Full credit to Bloge Salming and Down Goes Brown. And of course, Canadian adoptee Krensky for sending me the link

While your patriotic heart is swelling to a hip hop beat, you should bump Classified’s fantastic ‘Oh… Canada’

Word to the double-double.

Go Canada!

And good luck with all the rest of it, Vancouver.