I’ve been hired on-board (thanks to a woman I met at the ChurchyChurch Camp) as a English/Theatre teacher for elementary aged students. It promises to be an exciting experience. I’ll be working with a sympatico Calabrese guy named Alberto Principe (Prince Albert). We’ll be running a 3 month long class using theatre techniques to teach English to kids 6 to 12. The school is well outside of Rome, so though the hourly pay is pretty good, when you factor in the hour-plus commute on the bus, it sucks the heat out a little bit.

But the main thing is it’ll be nice to take a little break once in awhile from tour guiding to work with the childrens. And I don’t know how far we’re going to get performance-wise in English. I’m shooting for a credible greeting and exchange of names. The main thing however is doing something new and working in Italian. Hurray!