Do you like Thai food?

Then I have an excellent recommendation for you.

Do NOT go to Mitra in Place St. Catherine, Brussels.


  • You like overpriced restaurants
  • You think a 1 out of 4 success rate regarding your servers accuracy with your tables’ orders is pretty good
  • You think that a 50% satisfaction rate for your tables’ meals is pretty good.
  • You enjoy having a cranky waitress with an inexhaustible supply of pained expressions

On the actual plus side the eclectic music selection, including Feist and Talib Kweli, was enjoyable. Too bad everything else sucked.

Why did we go? I can only say that on a Monday evening, there aren’t alot of other options.

However, next time we’re out on a Monday in the area and confronted with limited options, we’ll go with Option B: ‘Anywhere Else’.