August is often a holiday month. But for me it has been pretty busy. With work! I wouldn’t quite say that this month has “inspired reverence or admiration” or encapsulated “supreme dignity or grandeur”. But work-wise it’s been pretty busy. I’ve:

1. Launched Idea Boostcamp, and teaching a workshop in Presentation Skills.
2. Filmed a TV commercial for Comedy Central
3. Edited an online interactive game pitch for the BBC
4. Edited an online video script for a new workflow software
5. Been a model in a Belgian print ad
6. Done a couple Saturday night shows for Boom Chicago
7. Ghostwritten an internal blog for a major company.

And even with the phone call yesterday for more work which then ended up getting cancelled, August has turned out to be a decent month.

Apparently, as a freelancer, I need to think in terms of months. Month-to-month I need to hope that there will be enough work and income. I’ve already got some projects on the go for autumn, including casting and directing an all-star improv show for the Amsterdam Free Fringe, doing the same for a Shakespearean script-in-hand performance of a classic movie in November, and putting together my next solo comedy show. I just need to put some paid work in and around those projects and we’ll be in good shape.

Now that August is over, I can stop feeling smug about it, and start concerning myself with September, and worrying about October. But for today and tomorrow, it feels pretty good.

Thanks August!