It’s now officially fall (or autumn) in all of the northern hemisphere. Well, in the UK it is just autumn, as they refuse to enjoy the delights of a seasonal synonym.

But what else would you expect from a country still giggles when you call your trousers ‘pants’? But regardless of how you refer to it, here in London this season, which is only days old, is about to get unseasonably hot:

If those temperatures seem reasonable, then you didn’t spend July or August in London, where the average temperature was 13.9 degrees and raining.

So we’re all looking forward to a week or so of Indian Summer. And if that term seems un-PC, we can all agree to use the seasonal synonym St. Martin’s summer.

Not only does the term seem less racist, it also celebrates St. Martin of Tours, the man who popularized the rakish half-cloak, the ideal garment to wear during St. Martin’s summer.