This was my entry into a contest run by The Brussels Bulletin. The Prize: a brand new bbq.

The challenge: “send an imaginative menu for a meal you’d like to cook on your new barbecue to the with ‘Weber BBQ’ in the subject line.” I did all that, but have yet to hear I won a bbq, which is shitty for me and everyone I know, because we could be sampling the following deliciousness…

Or even just eating some veggie burgers. It don’t matter, s’long as it’s barbecued..

The Great Escape

A BBQ Menu to be cooked on a newly won Weber Barbecue


Sangria: A red wine sangria made with a little rum, club soda, fruit chunks and, in this case, a little dash of hot sauce for that extra pep.

Snack Starter

Tortilla chips with mango salsa: By adding half of a diced mango to regular salsa you get a simple yet special starter.

First Course

Shrimp/Lime/Pineapple Skewers: Jumbo shrimp marinaded in olive oil, lime, hot sauce and salt and pepper. Skewered with pineapple and lime wedges. Grilled on the new BBQ.

Main Course

Hot BBQ Tuna Steaks: Tuna steaks rubbed with olive oil, salt and pepper. Served with a spicy mango orange salsa.

Avocado Rocket Salad: Dressed in an olive oil raspberry vinaigrette.


BBQ’d Banana Split: Grilled banana and pineapple with a peppery honey glaze. Served with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I’m just putting it out there, because I don’t really care where the barbecue comes from… You could send one to me. Yes you. Or invite me over for a barbecue. At least.