South Africa’s Mail & Guardian carries this item:

”Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was accused on Tuesday of dragging his country’s already raucous general election campaign into the gutter when he declared that those who voted against him would be “dickheads”. Speaking to journalists about the expected outcome of the election, Berlusconi said: “I have too much respect for the Italians to think there are that many dickheads around who’d vote against their own interests.”


I can’t believe this guy. I really can’t believe this guy. A dickhead who votes against Berlusconi is my kind of dickhead.

P.S. The Italian word he used is actually “coglione” which means balls, but I like the Mail & Guardians translation. There’s a show going on tonight at one of my favorite clubs in Rome called “Siamo Tutti C*glione” (we’re all dickheads). We’ll find out on Monday if there’s enough dickheads here to turf Il Cavaliere and his rightwing coalition out on their rich, corrupt, well-padded asses.