George W. Bush really sucks as a President, and, I think it’s fair to say, as a person. But lately somethings been bothering me: surely he hasn’t fucked up everything he’s ever touched as President of the USA? I mean surely he’s done something right. Right?

The man’s the fucking President of the United fucking States of America, and has been for many years. Surely a success story is hanging around somewhere: I don’t know- an economic intitative that helped the economy, for example. Perhaps a recess appointment he shoehorned through that turned out to be a minor stroke of brilliance. Maybe something tumbled out of his mouth that actually turned out to be kinda clever. Just something..

We’re pretty certain we can rule anything military-related out from the word ‘go.’ But anything that springs to mind related to politics in ‘The Great Satan’ are an exercise in mismanagement: Wolfowitz at the World Bank, or the Justice department firing debacle, to name but two. And all can be traced pretty directly to the Big Monkey… but somewhere else…something must be going right.

I mean the guy has alot of power over alot of things, and surely not everything he’s touched has turned to shit. That just couldn’t be possible. Despite my anti-Bush bias, I’m convinced he’s probably blundered onto a success in something, somewhere, somehow. He did get re-elected after all.

I’m just curious, is all.