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I’ve been talking a lot about my book, and the process of writing it, over the past almost a year. Before I look back on some of the steps along that journey, let me tell you the following:

The book is available on Amazon. It will be available on other platforms in September. There’s also a super-cool website for the book at

If you want to get the full vibes, you can just see this YouTube clip in which I announce the book going live.

August 2022: The book-writing process begins

The process began when I announced that I’m working on a new book. I also rather prophetically wrote then “The book is a ways away from launch. Or rather there are a lot of steps to run through before it arrives in the world. From editing and re-editing and proofreading, through cover design and formatting, and then, of course, the actual launch and promotions and shipping. Plus the book itself is not completely written yet. But it’s close.” 

I was not aware of it at the time, but the journey was far from coming to a close.

December 2022: Book-writing is hard

This post was pretty straightforward. Because writing a book ain’t easy. Nope, it is hard. My favorite quote from this blogpost is the line where I say, “Now, five years later I’m a whole lot savvier. And I’ve taken that savvy and hard-won wisdom into the process of publishing my second book. And yet, I find myself still a little surprised by how long things take to get done.” 


I mean, I guess I am savvier, but me now in July looking back at me in December, I see someone who isn’t nearly as savvy as he thinks he is, even if that December-me seems to think that he has his eyes wide open.

It’s worth noting that this blogpost is essentially about me realizing the book writing process is quite challenging, and will take longer than I had hoped. But I still detect some rosiness in the lenses of my glasses. I certainly didn’t seem to think that it would be almost seven more months from that point until I actually get the book out the door.

February 2023: Man, writing a book sure goes slow

Yeah, so here’s where things really hit the wall, so to speak. I explain in this post that, “It’s actually been a very smooth and supportive process, but it’s going a little slow. In fact, it’s slowed right down.” And yes, that is certainly true.

This makes a lot of sense, actually, because I basically put the book on the shelf from January through to April as I devoted an inhuman amount of energy and attention to creating the Digital Communications Certificate course for Growth Tribe. 

But here, I can see me looking ahead to the idea of launching the book, as I begin recruiting for my Launch Team. Nonetheless, the book here feels pretty complete, just needs to get out the door. I’m basically planning the parade, blissfully unaware that I’m still four months away from the book going live.

June 2023: The Confident Presenter is now live

So now the book is live! And I can look back at what happened over the past year, and how this process became such a lengthy one. But for the moment I need to devote my attention to doing the launch properly, so that means, promoting the book, getting reviews, landing podcast interviews and so forth.

So that’s what I’m onto. In the meantime, buy the book, read the book, review the book and have me as a guest on your podcast.

Thanks! Below you can see a picture of me presenting confidently, in case you weren’t sure that I know what I’m talking about.

Ryan Millar presents confidently at a conference