The human brain is remarkable for its ability to selectively process and recall data. Things that are painful can be pushed down and out of the way, allowing you to continue functioning as normal.

This is why, up until very recently, I had forgot how much fun moving is.

It’s not fun at all.

Unfortunately, we did find ourselves, a little over a month ago, needing to move with some urgency. So we did. It was a difficult December (lots of stress, precious little egg nog), but here we are, in Amsterdam, settling in – as much as is possible without having an actual home to settle into.

But so far we’ve had dinner and breakfast parties, seen a few flats, hung out, walked around, eaten oliebollen, taken some trams, made dates with some friends, just bumped into others, and generally started getting ourselves into the swing of the city.

It’s taken some time, but things seem to be falling into place, and bit by bit we’re reconnecting with people, exploring some new areas and so on. I think it’ll work out.

There’s still a whole bunch of things to do: like find a place to live, plus a bike, learn Dutch, get a job, and move our stuff into this house we find, but we’re physically here and in decent spirits, plus it’s a new year full of promise, so we’re not doing too bad so far.