Ecuador, face painted goalie and all, are set to advance through group A. In fact, right now they’re on top. So much for the thought that they can’t play outside their home stadium at a bzaillion metres above sea level. They looked well in control of the game today. I watched it at home, in the dark, hiding from the sun that burnt me today in the Roman Forum.


Despite it all, i kinda like England. But I gotta say they play some crap boring football. They won, unconvincingly yet again, with the games goals coming very very late, and Becks and his boys looking feckless against the Trinibagons (or is it Trinibagoites? Regardless, they’re probably going home early. Jug-ears Rooney made his way on at the halfway point, and I was in transit for both goals, but watching highlights he didn’t seem to be involved in the goals. However, the idea of “Wayne” has grown so big that maybe he just has to be on the field and then everybody feels and plays better. Eriksson yanked Owen to make way for Rooney, and it turned out to be a good (genius?) move to leave on that flagpole Crouch, who scored the game winner. Congrats also to Steven Gerrard who scored for England, and my Fantasy League team.


Sweden aren’t very good. Neither it would seem is Paraguay. Sweden’s Zlatan (a shitbag on my Fantasy team) didn’t make much happen, but a late substitution to bring on Edmanson paid off as he set up some pretty passing that Ljungberg finished with an 89th minute header. That’s almost 2 whole games where Sweden has not scored. Will they advance? Likely. Will Zlatan win the golden boot and net me a sack of points for the Fantasy League Fashionistas UY? Unlikely. But it is the World Cup and you never know what can happen.