Packing up a home involves much sifting through of possessions. This brings waves of nostalgia: for past homes and selves, and achievements or adventures. The important and loved people who populated certain eras. And of course the specific memories captured in candid photographs.

In this packing period, however, the carousel of our slide projector goes all the way back to 1960 – a time when the nostalgia was whiskey-soaked and cigarette-smoked. Yes, much of our packing time has been spent immersed in the brilliant world of Mad Men. Story, writing, acting, production design… the details and spacing are so fine that calling it ‘swell’ would be a huge understatement. We’re revelling in torrid affairs, skinny lapels, liquid lunches and the business of persuasion. It was the golden age of advertising, populated by compelling and occasionally likeable characters.

These days, a product, such as a television show – especially one as critically acclaimed as Mad Men – finds itself all over the internet. So why not spend valuable packing hours perusing the internet infotainment offshoots of this series? That’s what I’m doing.

Perhaps s jaunt over to the Mad Men homepage will scratch your itch. Then refresh yourself with a blog of footnotes? If you are so inclined, read an interview with Jon Hamm,the enigmatic Don Draper himself.

If you want to know more about the women-centric writing team you could read this (there are spoilers if you (like me) are not yet up to the end of Season 2). Also, though also with a spoiler or two, why not round of your day with a tip of your hat to the Vanity Fair article on creator Matthew Weiner?

And if you haven’t already, Mad Men yourself. Did you notice me front and centre up top? A self-styled 1960s copywriter. Also: in real-life I’m a copywriter. Yes, in 2009.

In fact the Levi’s F/W 09 catalog features my writing. yes, in all four collections. Check it here and here. “Freedom beyond the walls?” “Hard, smart styling?” Evocative, I know.

And yes, I’d love to do some freelancing for you. May I suggest a martini lunch meeting?