Whenever I picture Amsterdam, it’s sunny and I’m on my bike.
This scenario (the sunshine part) could be borne out in reality more frequently, but still it’s an often-enough occurrence, and certainly pleasant enough, to warrant its spot as my go-to image.
Last weekend Chiara and I went to Berlin. We had a great time eating currywurst and wandering the streets. This weekend it’s off to Copenhagen, where Chiara is attending a work thing until Friday evening, and then again we get to hang out for the weekend.
Then, when we get back, I’m off to Nancy, France for some days to teach and perform at their Semaine d’Impro. So lots of new cities to see.
And the modes of transport for those long distance journeys are trains, planes, and busses, respectively.
It’s a lot of to-ing, and just as much fro-ing, but I have to say I do love living in a place where getting around is so easy. And when I get home, I’ll be back on my bike.
I guess my point is that I really enjoy living in a city, country and on a continent where car traffic is just not that dominant.