Last weekend’s improv retreat was pretty great
For the past few weeks I’ve been organising and preparing for an improv retreat in the Belgian countryside. This stressed me out a little bit, because organising means being aware of all the pieces and not wandering about haphazardly and doing what comes. But it worked. We had a great time, and much more besides. 

The weekend was really about getting down to work on improv skills (scenes, games, presenting and editing were the themes of the workshops). Rod ben Zeev and I led about twelve hours of workshops, and over the weekend we witnessed some amazing development in confidence, trust and scenework. 

But that wasn’t all: we also had great meals (cooked by the incomparable Chiara), comfortable beds and some good late night parlour games on the Saturday. How did we have the energy to stay up on Saturday night? I think we were aided by our Saturday afternoon post-lunch nap.

And on Sunday the rain let up, so we had our sessions outside.

In short, it was everything we wanted it to be, or could’ve hoped it to be. Total win.

I definitely had fun.

And now we’re looking ahead to the next one, which is looking like winter 2014.