Last night something beautiful happened: I saw the rough cut of Flunky. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, may I suggest checking out the Flunky blog.

Even in it’s unfinished form the film looks really really good. Bernardo has done a great job with the editing, enriching the darkly comic absurdist tone. It promises to be an enjoyable and certainly lovingly crafted film.

There are of course, some not-so-professional looking aspects, which I imagine is natural for a budgetless short film made by aspiring auteurs.

But minor flaws aside – or even including them – the film is looking good. We are hoping for an avant-premiere in Brussels sometime in June. We still have metric tonnes of work to do before then.

We’re now onto next phase, which for Bernardo is finalizing the image editing, contacting the sound guys, and presenting me with this working copy. Next I have to convince some people to do some Flunky branding. Plus I’d like a little Overboard music contribution.

For the hardcopies (to submit to festivals, etc.) there’s more work. A DVD menu would be great, as I’d like to stock the final copy with some extras: photo gallery, outtakes, other stuff, and of course, the real reason I’ve gone through all this trouble so far: the chance to make a commentary track.

And the silverscreening event itself: we need to find a place, with projector and all associated tech, we need to pick a date, promote the event, get booze, get Overboard there to perform, and some dj’s for the post-screening dance party, and so on and so on… we gotta kick this off right.

That is my next project.