This Saturday night I’ll be performing The Pitch as part of Amsterdam’s RemiFestival of Solo Improvisation. I have to say the more I perform this show the more I love it. It’s film-based, highly interactive, and the challenge of delivering a film-worthy story with a complete narrative arc on the fly is so much fun. And to get to do it alongside a whole bunch of Amsterdam-based and international solo performers is an honour.

And once that’s done, I’ll probably be taking it some other places as well, including to perform in Delft in April (although that show is 90 minutes long and for university students, so I’ll be getting creative with the format in a whole bunch of ways).

If you’re in Amsterdam this weekend, I highly recommend checking out the Remi Festival (in Dutch on Friday night, English on Saturday).
And regardless of whether you can make it or not, you can get a snippet of The Pitch, as performed in IMPRO Amsterdam 2014, below

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