What is a blog for, if not to toot my own horn, or to amplify the toots of others?

-toot toot-

I wrote a one act play this fall. Entitled ‘The Power Force,’ it is a misogynistic, imperfect, and hilarious snapshot of a publishing company. I drew on my inconsequential knowledge of the publishing world and coupled it with my years of inexperience as a playwright to produce a rough diamond I’m proud of.

My motivation for this act was partially the muse that lives in my brain, urging me on to ever greater heights of creative self-expression. The knowledge that if I completed it within one month I could enter the finished product in the American Theatre Company’s ‘One Act Playwriting Competition was also crucial.

I wrote. And rewrote. I finished. I entered. And my play won!

I am the winner of the ATC’s Playwriting Competition 2007.

I now have the opportunity to direct this show, or find someone to direct it, and have it performed this April. For a real live audinece.

I also win a certificate. And the encouragement that official recognition offers one who cares what other people think.

Here’s a sample:

ALICE: Sure. And this boyfriend… you’re going to need a place to hide out from him eventually, so it’s best you don’t live with him. But for now a place where you can have noisy, experimental sex without disturbing anybody will suffice. It’s a no-brainer really. Get a place on your own.

STACY: I guess you’re right.

ALICE: Of course I’m right. Truthfully though, do it. Get the studio. (Pause) How’s living at your aunts place? Tired of living out of your suitcase yet?

STACY: Yeah. Well, I do have a closet. But still, I don’t want to settle in out there; I didn’t move to the city so I could live in a distant suburb with people who are like my parents.

ALICE: No. You even lived at home while you were at college, didn’t you? (Stacy nods) It’s time for you to spread your wings.

STACY: Exactly, I can’t wait to get out of there. Plus it’ll be closer to work if I move to the city.

ALICE: Remember Stacy: this is isn’t work. It’s an internship.