The dress rehearsal came and went with enough of a shaky start to give me hope for the ‘crappy dress, great opening’ theatre adage to come true. But, thanks to the wily brilliance of the actors, there were also enough great moments of genuine comedy that were certainly not put there by the writer or the director.

So here’s hoping that tonight is a show to be reckoned with. I have handed over the reins to the stage manager, as all directors must, and will be there tonight as award recipient and Power Force book salesman.

Thanks to the ever-amazing Shortcut Kid, Andrew McAlpine, 100 (limited edition!) rather professional-looking copies of the play will be available for sale. Those copies that haven’t been given to the cast and crew that is. It’s my first (or first in a long time) experience with direct sales, but a writer and aspiring media mogul just doesn’t have the time in today’s big ol’ world to wait for shit to happen. He’s gotta get it done. Himself. With more than a little help from his friends.