Illustration of a casual jacket with the words "The Confidence Coat" written in the bottom third of the image

I bought a sport coat recently. I needed it for some work with a client, but I also liked that I feel great in it. It reminded me of the idea of “The Confidence Coat”.

That blue sport jacket is my real-life confidence coat, but a true confidence coat is imaginary. Depending on the situation it could be a floor-length fake mink or a jean vest with cut-off sleeves or anything in between. As long as the idea of it makes you feel great.

Then, when you’re about to enter into a situation where you can use a boost in your confidence, you put this imaginary coat on (go on, actually physically mime putting it on).

With your cool-ass coat on, shoulders back, and a devil-may-care smile on your face, you then stroll into that tricky situation knowing that you’re wearing the coolest damn jacket in the world. Even if nobody can see it.