Saturday September 24th 2005 saw a huge antiwar protest in Washington DC and a small one here in Rome across from the American Embassy. I was at the one in Rome. It was a real success for the relatively new US Citizens for Peace and Justice group, of which I am a member. At times the Carabinieri stationed in front of the US Embassy outnumbered the protesters but we were in the end about 200 strong. Certainly a few dozen more than the “dozens of protesters” mentioned on However getting mentioned on cnn as well as getting onto French and Italian TV was certainly encouraging. One of the general thrusts of the protest, besides the obvious peace message, was for passers by to critcally examine their news media. It seems, on the surface anyway, to have been widely reported on, in conjunction with the big protest in Washington DC. In Europe at least. We can only hope this reflects a growing anti-war sentiment. Let’s fight the good fight. Fuck Bush- “Worst President Ever” indeed