There’s a derby going on this weekend. I’m going to miss it.
You know who’s not going to miss it? Francesco Totti.

That guy would play on crutches, if need be. Daje Roma!

If you’re interested in learning more, I wrote a post on the Bleacher Report, to try and explain a little bit about what’s on the line. You can read it here.

An excerpt:

The Roma-Lazio derby match fits perfectly into the history of the city that gave us gladiatorial bloodsport. There is nothing else like it that doesn’t involve weapons.

Two teams call the Italian capital home, and they share the stadium Stadio Olimpico, where they play their home games. Twice a year they meet to do battle in their shared arena.

One team, Lazio, is a despicable gang of douchebags, worthy only of your hatred. The biancoceleste are not just bad at football, they are unlovable human beings.

Well, enough about them.

The other squad, AS Roma, is powered by a literally born-and-bred Romanista, Francesco Totti, one of football’s great fantastistas, and the heart-and-soul of this team. He has only ever played for one team—the giallorossi. He is il Capitano.

Roma also has another born-and-bred Romanista, their midfield monster Daniele de Rossi. He is Capitano Futuro. And one of the best defensive midfielders in Europe.

Expect them to play to the limits of their formidable abilities.

Expect lots of intensity, screaming, flares, hard tackles, and flag-waving — on and off the pitch.

This is football with a purpose.

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