Sure I love football like nobody’s business. I live in Italy. But I couldn’t resist buying this lighter, though I’m really an ex-smoker these days, this reminded me of some of my favorite things: Canada, hockey, Ottawa, and smoking.

Whatcha got here is a Canadian flag in the top left corner, with the heretofore nonexistent abbreviation “OEW” for Ottawa.* Underneath is written “OTTAWA” in block letters. With a sweet graphic underneath that of a red silhouetted hockey player taking a slapshot. He’s probably one of “Canada’s Players.” What’s he doing? IF it’s not clear (and it is). He’s playing “Hockey on Ice.” If you can’t read the script underlining it all, it says: “Smoking”

It almost makes me want to pick up the habit again. Or go to Ottawa to play some hockey on ice. Canada at the very least will get a visit in mid-September. The lighter, truth be known, had nothing to do with the decision, but it’s my favorite hockey on ice related item.

* I’ve been informed via anonymous blogger comment that OEW is in fact 0EW and is the second half of the postal code of various government buildings in Ottawa. So it is existent, and, just a little esoteric, unless you’re a Canadian Postie or work in one of those buildings. But somehow it made it onto the lighter, now let’s make it in vogue. I might be from the 604, and live in the EC, but I can’t wait to visit the ‘zero-E-double-U.’