Mankind is a species most remarkable – there is no disputing that. From the successive inventions of fire, the wheel, sliced bread and skytrains, civilization’s inexorable march of progress through history has been unprecendented in the whole of the entire universe.

Giant satelite dishes in backyards and on rooftops bear silent testament to man’s thirst for knowledge and television. Olympic gold medals, MVP trophies, and bungee jumps flaunt man’s will to adventure and physical prowess.

Yes, even while climate change, overfishing and disease threaten to threaten the very survival of the species, you cannot doubt the indomitable spirit of man.

When in competition with nature, most often it is man who emerges with victory clenched tenaciously in his human jaws.

However, the competition isn’t always mankind vs nature. Sometimes it is just man vs nature, or even more specifically, a man vs a bear. And, (spoiler alert) if it is a contest of eating, bear will win.

Even if the man is Kobayashi, the greatest eater in the history of competitive eating. Always, but always, bet on the giant bear.