Katie Carachello and I had a tourist in your own town day yesterday.That means I got to see and do things I’d never done before, but had always wanted to do. Like climb the dome of St. Pete’s Basilica. It was pretty great, but really just a warm-up for the highlight of the day (and one of the highlights of Katies trip, so she tells me) The Time Elevator.
Tucked into an alley just off the Via del Corso The Time Elevator is almost exactly that: a time travelling elevator. Except instead of being in an elevator, you’re in a movie theatre with moving seats, like Captain EO (if you went to Disneyland when you were 12 like I did). What happens is you travel through the 2759 years of the history of Rome, touching on the foundation myth of Romulus and Remus, the stabbing death of Julius Caesar, Michelangelo working the Sistine Chapel ceiling, and a handful of other touchpoints in Rome’s history.
Weighing in at a lite 25 minutes, with moving seats, triple-screen and a fullbore “immersive experience” i’d reckon it was well worth the 11 euros they were charging.

Not to mention talking statues and fountain spray.
That’s right, you read correctly. Statues that talk, and real fountain spray. Such was the magic. Such was the immersionation of the Time Elevator. As they say “the past is always present.”