I’ve recently had an opportunity to do some pieces of one-on-one training, mentorship and coaching (in improv, entrepreneurship and public speaking, respectively). It’s been great, and I think I can safely say I’ve been able to provide a ton of value. For the person I’ve been working with, and also for myself.

I’ve had a lot of energy for these sessions, and I’ve been able to get that energy back, and been able to see, in real-time, some change and transformation in the people I’ve been working with. In confidence, in skill, in comfort. I’ve seen them come alive as we’ve worked together.

I’ve been trying to pinpoint what the throughline has been, and I think I have it: it’s vitality. It’s meeting people on the edges of our abilities and working together. It’s steering toward the thing that scares us, the thing we struggle with, but care about deeply. For me it’s fighting the feeling that I’m not an expert, that I don’t have value to offer and who the hell do I think I am to be a mentor, anyway?

It provides that little shiver of excitement that races up the back of our spine. I’ve been grateful for the opportunities, proud that I’ve been able to facilitate some breakthroughs, and overjoyed that I’ve left each of these sessions with joy and adrenaline pumping through my body.

On a related note, I’ve also found this vitality in the workplace, where I create content. I recently advocated for a podcast as a solution for an internal communications hurdle we were having. I also said that I could make it, despite having not made one in the past. They agreed, and now I’m making it. Talk about throwing your hat over the wall!

Anyway, delivery is forthcoming and production is ongoing. But three episodes in, and let me tell you: I’m doing it! And while it’s just a part of my workday, I have a ton of energy for this new activity, for building my skillset, learning some new technical skills and setting up and using the podcasting equipment I’ve been slowly acquiring but unsure of how to put it into use. This too has that vitality.

The key is finding out what excites me, where I can add value, and steering myself in that direction. And I’m fortunate enough to find the time, energy and support to build myself out into these areas.

I’m really enjoying pushing myself into new areas and growing my skillset; there’s lots of energy to be gained from working at the limits of our abilities. Long may it continue.