A must-visit website for the improv lover 

A couple of months ago, my old friend and co-conspirator, Dave Morris, got in touch with me. He was starting an improv website and he had seen a post I’d written here – Improv easy listening – and asked me if I’d like to contribute. Of course I said yes.

I wasn’t sure what more would come of that short email exchange (or when) but within a couple months The Way of Improvisation was up and running.

As Dave says in his welcome “This site is meant to be a resource for improvisers who believe that improv isn’t just a tool, but a philosophy.” And it is what it is meant to be: it’s well-laid out and stocked with some excellent writing on improv. I’m proud to be a contributor, and happy to be a regular reader.

I’ve contributed two articles so far: Improv Easy Listening and Loving Your Mistakes and am already planning more. It’s been the perfect place for me to focus and share some of the thoughts that I have about improv.

And perhaps more importantly, it’s an excellent place for me to go and read up and get inspired by some other wonderful writer/improvisers. I recommend you do likewise.