This is how the weather has been through October*:

*All data for this list compiled using memory. Memory is imperfect, but I’m pretty sure this is the reverse forecast for October in Rome.

Hot, warm, hot, sunny and warm, unseasonably hot,
sweaty hot,
cloudy and warm,
nice and warm,
holy fucking hot,
cloudy in the morning, sunny and hot in the afternoon,
hot again,
pretty nice,
Indian summery warm,
cold and miserable and rainy
(a two day stretch when Chiara and I were on vacation in Florence),
pleasant with cloudy periods,
dying for an ice cream hot,
warm again,
unseasonably hot,
sunny again?!?
…and I guess that pretty much sums it up.

So when Novemeber arrived with a screeching halt to the nice weather I was caught off guard.

Today I went outside to work with just a sweatshirt on.

That was a mistake: seeing the sun through a window can no longer lead one to infer that the weather is warm, only that it’s sunny.

Time to find a warmer jacket.

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