Sigh. If only life were always that easy. Alas two days after the Annual Report had been signed sealed and delivered, a late (and irrelevant and unhelpful) remark from one on high threatens to derail and delay the project on whihc my worthiness to stay ehre is being judged.

In other news, my Canucks and Giallorossi are both in the market for some serious heroics. Although magic would also be acceptable. At this point I would also settle for some serious and tenacious finishing.

Speaking of finishing, The Power Force is well on its way to being a hot and tasty piece of theatre, which I hope will draw out some crowds for its WORLD PREMIERE!!!!

It will also be a bit of a coming out party for the art, design, and writing coming out of Maxcap studios. Get in on that! Word is limited editions of the play with sextastic layout and design courtesy of the Shortcut Kid will be available.

Wedding plans inch closer to D-Day, my head scar is healing, and I’m thinking about taking the day off tomorrow.