“We tame the chat beast, you drink the milk”

Marbles, everyone’s favourite Canadian-Cornish comedy duo consisting of Dave Waller and Ryan Millar, have a brand new undertaking on the go, and it’s real/surreal televisual entertainment. It’s called The Yak, and it’s a talk show.

We already had Episode 1, and it was rock-solid. Episode 2 is this Wednesday, 22 June at The Miller, and it should be a proper doozy.

The Yak is a real-style talkshow; it has opening credits, hosts, cameras, guests, a commercial break, music and all of the other trappings of talkshowery. Dig it.

The difference is that the guests are the cream of London’s character comics. They grace our sofa with their oddest creations and we shoot the breeze, then chew the fat.

Afterwards, we have a proper chin-wag.

As if that wasn’t enough entertainment for your Wednesday evening, it’s followed by a full two-man improv show from Marbles: compelling improvised oddness will unfold right in front of you and your bestest friends.

The Yak, Episode 2 features:

  • Fraser Millward
  • Andrew Gentilli
  • Chrus Werren
  • Musical Guest: Morgan James & Dan Roberts