Celebrities I’ve seen while in Rome:

Owen Wilson: The second day here, he rode by us on a bike near the Spanish steps. It was not too long after “The Life Aquatic” came out, and who could’ve blamed him for falling in love with Italy. I recognized the nose.

Katie Couric: I went to Piazza Navona with US Citizens for Peace and Justice and while they were filming the segment on “wacky gelato flavours” we chanted “STOP STOP STOP THE WAR!” It was pretty awesome. She wasn’t very happy. Also she’s short. Like Tom CRuise and Sylvester Stallone, whom I haven’t seen in Italy.

2 Guys from Grande Fratello(Italian Big Brother): On two separate occasions at this fantastic (but expensive) sushi place near Piramide Metro. I didn’t recognize them and still wouldn’t. They didn’t seem that cool or exciting, but I tried to get excited and stare at least a little over dinner.

Skunk Hair: I don’t know his name but he’s some Italian B list celebrity who I also saw on TV New Years. But when we saw him in person he was at an outdoor market on the edges of the city. Chiara pointed him out to me, but I was already noticing him in his ostentatious jacket and sunglasses, but mostly his hair all blonde on top but brown all the rest of the way around.

Roberto Benigni: Italian filmmaker and comedian who struck big success with “Life is Beautiful” nearly struck our car with his one night when we were going out for dinner. I was passenger and looked over my shoulder because a car swerved close to ours and their was Benigni singing to himself in his little blue Peugeot. In retrospect it would’ve been better if he’d hit us, and we could’ve hung out for awhile waiting for the cops to come.

Ray Romano: Last week in the Gallery of the Candlabra of the Vatican Museum my group struggled to pay attention because Ray Romano was there getting a tour. He’s from Everybody Loves Raymond and some movies. If you’ve ever watched “Welcome to Mooseport” a movie he made with Gene Hackman a few years ago, because you were on an airplane without movie choices, you’d realize that he’s not really that funny.
But he is famous.