Yesterday Chiara and I went to the Zoo. Well, technically the “BioParco.” Sure it used to be a zoo with cages and bars and unhappy animals, now it’s, well a little better. The animals were pretty lethargic and slow, but it was the middle of the afternoon in August, and many of them were very furry. The cages for the most part now have more of a “habitat” feel to them and I appreciated this. You know who else appreciated this? The brown bears. The brown bears were having a brown bear party in their enclosure with waterfall, pond, logs, grass, and pigeons to eat their excrement. So all in all they were pretty happy. The King and Queen of the Jungle were pretty tired but that’s how I understand lions to be: ferocious but sleepy. Too bad, because they should be making babies. There aren’t very many lions left, they’re almost extinct. Good thing this couple has a safe place to stay. I learned about the near extinction of the lions thanks to the strong conservation message at the BioParco. They get a good mark for conservation message (a solid B) and as for the habitats, I’d give it a C+, because there’s no cement in nature. However if you asked the brown bears, i’m sure they’d either claw you to death, or give it an A.