I’ll be playing in The Spontaneity Shop‘s Theatresports Cup. It’s competitive improv for charity.

I’ll be playing with Tomorrow Today. We’ll be battling Improbubble, A Fish Called Improv, and Horse Aquarium. This action-packed theatresports throwdown will take place Sunday 11 April.

I’ll be meeting up on Sunday afternoon with my Tomorrow Today teammates Wanda Keenan and Allan Cooke, whom I’ve never met. we’ll immediately set about gelling into a cohesive and formidable improv trio inpreparation for that night’s match.

Come see me and my team take on the other teams in deadly, winner-take-all, comedy bloodsport. At the end of this grueling competition there will be only one winner.

Well, two actually – if you count the Make-A-Wish Charity. And I do.

So there will be just two winners. One is charity. Nobody knows who the other will be.

UPDATE: We came second, behind the unflappable Horse Aquarium. This means we’ve made it through to the finals. Which will be awesome. Get Tickets.