Despite the fact that I’m a tour guide in Rome, I don’t get much time to create and disseminate programs and information and ideas to people. But this week I had a whole lot of group time to make up stuff for people, including creating and co-leading some group games with my sister, creating an ad hoc sketch for the YES Camp talent show (featuring two fishermen in cowboy shirts and some dark secrets), and of course my big finish for the final session of the week of leadership camp that concluded with the words “…uh, it’s not important.” Referring to the pseudo-inspirational final thought I was trying to articulate, but effectively undercutting the importance of our whole workshop.
Yup. Still got it.

However, the best damn thing about spending Two and one half days at the YES Camp for young leaders was seeing all the people on staff I’d gotten close with and now miss, and getting to meet some young leaders and just having good clean wholesome fun.
That’s one of my favorite types of fun.