hey friends,

so here we go, on into the red and green month of december.
Things are afoot here in Rome. Among the things afoot, and probably first and foremost, really, is the impending move to Brussels. That’s true, what I wrote there. Chiara and I are well on our way to a new city for the new year. why? well, because, really. As centre of the EU, Brussels has lots to offer (we suspect). As a city different than rome it has well, just that to offer. and so we go. early in january. to start a whole new chapter.

Workwise Rome’s been pretty slow, so it’s not like I’m giving up much to go to Brussels. Except my Italian far outstrips my French, and that’ll have to change. Brussels people speak French, and they’re always thrilled to hear one is a Canadian because then, obviously, they too speak French. gulp. Hate to get off on the wrong foot consistently. So it’s on top of the list: Finally learn some French. AND FAST!!

We’re both keen to do some work in the exciting vicinity of the European Union and its associated apparatchiks. For now though its a steady outflow of resumes and applications. We’ll see what washes in on the next tide. But we’re out of this apartment and booked on a train there so we’ll be hoping to swim.

For now though rome has started to seem more comfortable and fluid. Last Thursday was the first ever Rome Improv Bar show. Me and three of my students/friends. Was it great? I wouldn’t say so, but I did sign an autograph for a guy from Naples, who said he’d put it on his wall, and talked to an Australian TV producer who said he was killing himself laughing. If that’s the case he should see us do a good show! Anyway, that’s some Rome-based excitement that sadly will stay in Rome whilst I embark on a new European adventure, but maybe I can guest in once and awhile when I’m back in Rome.

Another exciting thing, that I haven’t been thinking too much about is laser eye surgery, coming up next week. For those of you that don’t know, without corrective lenses i’m blinder than a mole. Good news is: Chiara’s insurance will pay for the operation because my eyesight is soo soo terrible, which is fantastic, under the circumstances. And because she’s soon leaving her job, i’ve gotta jump on it. So next week it is. I’ll let you know how painful/successful it is.

Otherwise, it’s the Holiday Season. Hope your holidays are good. Here it’s beginning to feel slightly like Xmas. But the big holiday today is the AS Roma vs. Lazio derby that’s going on in a couple hours. I’ll be sitting down to watch it and cheer on my giallorossi. And then getting hyped about Xmas. Anyone wants to lend a hand moving, come on down..

even though the city is changing the blog address will probably stay the same for now.


I send love. Send some back.

Ryan Millarotti