After the Saturday night cast party Chiara and hit home for some much needed R&R. Sunday was car-free day in Brussels and we spent most of it soaking up some late Season 5 ’24’. Don’t fuck with Jack Bauer. I did hit the streets to get in a little skateboarding time and pop by the pub to catch AS Roma square off against the ignoble cheaters known as Juventus. Maybe it’s unfair to shit talk them like that, as they’ve served their time in Serie B, but on the other hand they do have Pavel Nedved on their team, and that guy is a Grade A twat.

The car-free skateboarding excursion was bittersweet because I broke the kingpin on my skateboard shortly after I watched Roma give up a last-minute tying goal. Cazzo!

The good news is its Wednesday and my work week is already over: tomorrow I’m off to Bedford. And it’s entirely possible, though not certain, that I’ve left my workload in a manageable state.