Stuff in this week:

Creaseless Ben, the Dutch good time party machine is coming to Rome for

Easter. Things are a little nuts in the Vatican this week, because Easter is Important here in the heart of Catholicism.

Chiara and I are going on a vacation next weekend…TO A SPA HOTEL THING! Off the coast of Naples. relaxation, swimming hydromassage and fullforce bourgeousie pampering. Thank Discounts it’s the off-season.

Rome International film fest is in town this week. Which means I should write an article on the Canadian event Chiara and I went to where we saw the life and hard times of Guy Terrifico. It was sweet, but I don’t want to give away all my article content, which mostly relates to how and why the movie was sweet, and the funness of hanging out with film fest attendees. Colour us “hanger ons.”

vancouver canucks: bad + losers. AS Roma: awesome + winners maybe making Champions League.

And finally the awesomest of all THERE IS A NEW BABY MILLAR COMING. (of whom I will be Uncle, not Father). Any day now…. awesome awesome awesome!!!!