I’ve paid out twitter, the social networking site for being inane and the lowest common denominator of user-generated webcontent.

On twitter.com users (tweeters) ‘tweet’: send out a 140-character-or-less burst of info in response to the question ‘what are you doing right now?’ That’s it. And of course you can follow your friends twitters and so forth. Silly and mundane and kinda useless? Right? Just a bunch of infonoise?

Well us naysayers stand corrected.

Apparently it’s also very useful in disasters, such as disseminating rapid updates of the recent California wildfires. Score one for microblogging.

Based on the strength of this system The Red Cross has taken up service, allowing twitter users to FOLLOW RED CROSS, and thereby stay informed of relief efforts.

Here’s hoping I never need to use it for something urgent and life-threatening.

In fact, now that it I know it has legitimate functions, I plan on mindlessly twittering away for no good reason.

Actually my reason is pretty good: I miss facebook.

Twitter has a lot in common with the facebook status feature, which I used to enjoy updating quite regularly. Until the net-nannies in the IT department at work blocked facebook access.

Maybe it’s time to give twitter a try.

Add one part social butterfly to two parts procrastinator, mix with a healthy dose of curiousity and a pinch of narcicissm. Allow to simmer, steam, and fume. Done.

That’s what I’m doing right now.

Updating: finished. Millar has a twitter account. Check the column on the right hand side.