Woke up repeatedly last night, thanks to the annoying whine of an earbound mosquito in a holding pattern above my ear. It never did land. Every stuporful slap of the side of my head failed in its objective. Ultimately I pulled a pillow over my face and managed to resume slumber.

Today was a slowstarter. Yet somehow I managed to beat the 9 o’clock deadline for office arrival. I immediately began stabbing blindly at some tasks with approaching deadlines. Hopefully some will be forced into submission before the weekend. It’s a tall order though, what with so much procrastination to do.

This evening Chiara and I are Amsterdam-bound. Why? Because she had a ‘function’ to attend tonight. That (and the company-funded hotel) was excuse enough for me to buy a train ticket go and hang out with my man Creaseless Ben and watch, maybe do, some improv at Boom Chicago.

Chiara since cancelled on the event, which left me with a train ticket, but no excuse to spend six of the next 24 hours on the train. In the end we’re both going to Amsterdam for dinner, maybe catch the Heineken Late Night and see my former (extremely fucking funny) castmates Jim Woods and Brendan Hunt kick out the jams with the rest of ’em all and a magician. I bowed out of performing in the show, but it’ll be nice to slip in at show time and just enjoy, though of course I will be wishing I was participating.

For now though, it’s back to ‘work.’