There are two famous Sperlongas in Italy.

One is the Sperlonga pictured above; the small whitewashed seaside town outside of Rome, where Emperor Tiberius built his grotto, that is currently a destination for sun-seeking holiday-goers.

The other is this Sperlonga, first name Lorenzo. A pin-up artist contributing to Heavy Metal and Hustler magazine. He painted the image above. Here’s a link to his gallery, and more stunning art of stunning Amazonians.

Anyway, when you search Google images for ‘Sperlonga’, you get images of white sand beaches beneath a marble-encrusted hill, and scantily clad women of gravity-defying proportions toting weapons.

To separate fact from Sci-Fi/Fantasy: I will soon be on a white sand beach with a bikini-clad beauty, because my wife and I are going on holiday.

The reality is that she probably won’t be riding a unicorn or a polar bear. But who knows, maybe I’ll buy her a sword and some leather arm straps before we board the train.