Sunday against Sampdoria Totti scored two goals to pace Roma to a 4-2 victory, their fifth in a row in Serie A action and their first in that stadium in ten years. It was an amazing left footed strike from an impossible angle. On the volley. The second goal he’s scored with his left foot, the one with the ten screws in it, put in last spring after he was injured.

It was so amazing the hardcore Sampdoria fans got on their feet and applauded him. They were joined by the Sampdoria goaltender in their ovation.

He’s back on form, and perhaps better than ever, with a squad that’s one of the finest Rome’s had in a long time. So i’m told.

The classy thing is that Totti dedicated his golas to Platini and Mattaresse. No not kids laid up sick with cancer, but the two guys who have been busting his balls the hardest about his decision to stay away from the National team for this year. He’s decided to focus on club football, after going to the World Cup at only about 60% capacity and helping Italy hoist the world cup he’s trying to chill, but he’s catching heat for it.

So he scores two goals Sunday, one of them an A-plus fucking screamer and then shoves them down the throats of his detractors. Hot.