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My coaching services

Taking care of the business that matters.

I love helping people make progress. Sometimes that’s helping people prepare for presentations or become better public speakers. Other times that can be sitting across from someone and unpacking their life goals, the challenges they face, and the attitudes holding them back. Whatever situation it is, my objective is the same: I’m dedicated to helping people express themselves and be themselves.

My goal is always progress. And progress starts with making sure you have the right goals and the right mindset. And it all unfolds from there.

I come to each session with a plan, but coaching is a collaborative process and I thrive on adapting to the needs of the moment, and the desires of a client. That means coaching is generally an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Sometimes though, it’s important to steer into the difficult areas and address our weaknesses and fears and self-imposed limitations. This work often ends up being the biggest driver of progress.

Whether you’re looking for help in creating a presentation or conquering those public-speaking nerves, or you’re just looking for some extra motivation to get more out of your life, coaching with me will help you get where you want to go.

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Public speaking coaching

I help people level up their communication skills—especially when under pressure.

As a public speaking coach, I draw upon my extensive background in theater, improvisation, comedy, and performance storytelling, as well as experience as a copywriter, personal development enthusiast, and keynote speaker. I roll it all together, in consultation with the client to craft a programme that works for every individual – and team. My skills as a Public Speaking Coach have earned me recognition as a top professional in my field from the Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.

I work with presenters (and aspiring presenters) who have a range of knowledge, experience, and comfort levels. My goal is to unlock the passion, personal style, and suitable structure to help you create and deliver presentations that land with audiences. 

As a public speaking coach, I’ll help you (or someone on your team)

  • Connect with the audience and make them care about what you’re saying
  • Master your voice and body language so you feel and present as more confident
  • Clarify your structure your message is more easily digestible
  • Strengthen your delivery, so you’re more effective and charismatic 
  • Think on your feet, even in stressful situations 
  • Land your point without meandering, stumbling or saying “ummmm… uhhhh” a lot
  • Use stories and storytelling principles to engage and influence listeners 
  • Sound natural, fluid and in-the-moment
  • Control stress and anxiety so your palms don’t go sweaty when your name is called

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Types of presentation coaching I offer

One-on-one coaching

With individualized coaching, I can give you tailored feedback on your keynote, your pitch or your best man speech. I always operate trying to help you nail not only the upcoming presentation you have but also give you actionable feedback and activities to ensure that you continue to grow in confidence and ability as a presenter. 


Small group training

In a small intimate setting, everyone gets the chance to grow by both doing and watching. These sessions, tailored for the specific group, include a mix of lecture, exercises, and presenting/coaching. This way, everyone learns key principles, gets customized feedback specific to them, and has the chance to learn by observing the coaching of others. The ideal size for this group is 3-6 people. 


Large group workshops

For groups of 10 or more (up to 50-60), a workshop serves two purposes: firstly, it helps everyone lock in some key public speaking principles, and secondly, it also serves as a great opportunity for teams to break down barriers and work collaboratively. Drawing extensively on Ryan’s background as an improviser, these sessions are fun and highly interactive, creating a safe environment for lots of learning and engagement. 



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Transformational Coaching

I help people find their values and purpose and live their life more aligned with those elements. 

Life can be complicated and messy. In fact, it’s always complicated and messy. And hard. Coaching helps us face down those challenges, get in touch with what matters to us, and then take concrete steps toward living the life we want. 

As a transformational coach, I help ‘unstick’ people and get them moving from where they’re at currently toward where they want to be. I work most often with creatives, people in career transitions and middle-career executives. Though anyone who’s looking for more personal satisfaction, self-discipline, and career success can benefit from coaching.

As a coach, I play a blend of roles: part confidante, part mentor, part sparring partner, part grounding influence. When we work together, we drill down to what matters to you. We’ll make sure that you’re able to see yourself and others more clearly, leverage existing strengths and create more productive relationships. 

As a transformational coach, I’ll help you 

  • Unlock your potential hidden behind unconscious blocks
  • Improve your self-esteem and become more self-aware
  • Find your deeper purpose and take steps toward manifesting it
  • Develop greater empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Become a better and more expressive communicator
  • Create more balance between the different facets of your life
  • Discover more gratitude and happiness (yes, it’s possible!)

Types of transformational coaching I offer

One-on-one coaching

One-on-one coaching is the most common type of transformational coaching. We start with an intake questionnaire where I learn about your goals and challenges. Then, in a set of online or in-person sessions, we’ll interrogate these elements and develop an action plan. Whether that’s a career or life change, tweaks to your routine, or just getting your head right, I’ll make sure that you feel better and are empowered to make positive changes in your life. 


Small group sessions

Small group sessions are high in vulnerability and high in growth opportunities. In these sessions we’ll use an array of exercises, as a group, on our own in and in pairs. Over the course of a day or a half-day we’ll have the chance to challenge assumptions, make changes and make friends. These sessions, tailored for the specific group and their needs, include a mix of lectures, exercises, and coaching. So everyone will learn fundamental self-development principles, get insights specific to them, and learn through observation.