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Here are some comments from past workshop participants

Ryan taught me how to find my voice, how to overcome fear, how to trust my instincts, and essentially how to improvise. The skills I learned from those two weekends, which were two of the most enjoyable weekends I’ve ever had, have been an invaluable tool I use to this day in my daily life, both at work and in personal interactions. I use them when I give presentations, when I negotiate business deals, and in virtually all interactions I have with people.Andy, Brussels

“Thank you so much for your workshop in Tampere! Was great to learn from you. I especially enjoyed the clarity in all of what you were doing – I always understood what it was that you were teaching. I never felt lost “why is he/are we doing this?” – that was really awesome. All the best!” Martin, Tampere

“Very inspiring and useful workshop. Picked me up from where I’m at and helped me develop strategies to improve developing scenes and my performance skills.” Anonymous, Switzerland

Ryan is an incredible teacher. He took a straggling group of beginners and turned us into a viable company of improvisational actors who regularly perform together — in front of actual, paying, repeat customers.Carrie, Brussels

“Ryan is the most enthusiastic, positive workshop leader I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I’ve been to several of his workshops and after each session I came away with a sense of achievement and feeling that I had learnt something new.” Chris, London

“Ryan really made the most out of the workshop. No time-wasting. He’s gets to the point quickly, in a clear and effective way” Pedro, Lisbon

Thanks Ryan! Your Taking It Easy session was just what I needed. It was great fun and helped me relax more into the truth of a scene and let it grow more organically instead of pushing too hard to make it funny or dramatic. I loved that you were really clear about what you wanted us to get and how the exercises played into the scene work we did later. I really got a lot from one short session.Andrew, Brighton

Absolutely brilliant! Exceptional work!” Anonymous, Impro Hotel

Ryan seemed to know just what to do to get the best from everyone. I would jump at the opportunity to do another workshop led by him.Calum, Brighton

Plenty of energy, enthusiasm, good clear guidance on how to make the scene ‘deliver results’ without killing the improviser… Ryan’s enthusiasm for improv is infectious.James, Brighton

“Ryan’s improv workshop is incredibly fun but also ruthlessly effective. Participants are taught to drop their inhibitions, let their imagination flow and and embrace the positive attitude at the heart of improv. They are also treated to Ryan’s personal blend of enthusiasm, wit and generosity.” Jeremy, Brussels

I’m a storyteller, it’s very easy to “tell” about the space in which my characters have their stories. It’s much harder to make this space come alive on the stage. After the workshop 

[Scene Setting] I was ready to turn the space of the stage into whatever scene needed to propel a story. In fact I’m more aware of stories that lie dormant simply in a good stage. Thanks for allowing me to participate and to grow with your workshop!
Sahand, Amsterdam

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I learned how beautiful authenticity is, with such little moments as sharing your breakfast. Being in the moment is so amazing to see and to feel.Laura, Amsterdam

“Ryan’s approach to improv is both fun and inspiring. However, Ryan demonstrates that improv goes way deeper than that. It provides valuable lessons on how to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Ryan is a master and I learned a lot.” Gerry, Brussels