Amsterdam keeps getting nicer. Had a great time at Boom Chicago last night, after a harrowing job interview. Actually, the job interview was fine, the interviewers nice, and the office pleasant, but working an office job makes me nervous, although it’d be worth a try at this point. There’ was just a moment where I got a sinking feeling in my gut thinking abotu coming to the same place everyday.

But Chiara and I had great Indian take-out, and the new crowd at Boom! is awesome, as are the old heads. Did a medium-short long form in the Late Night, that’s hot. I got into it, though my involvement in the other stuff was minimal, it was just fun to be part of the show.

H&M shopping and American Book Centre today, now maybe a movie and fritjes, or something else lowkey, on our bikes.

And tomorrow Vancouver. Jesus! Right on.