You can chart my progress from sceptic towards regular twitterer from all the way back in April 2007. But while this may be a keen way for me to say, ‘Hey I went through the process of naysayer to tweeter well before you,’ it may not accurately explain to you what the fucking point is.

For that, I re-direct you to this excellent account of a woman named Hildy explaining Twitter to her 85 year old mother (known as Grandma Rose).

And then, we come full circle, from sceptic, to user of nascent technology, to appreciater of obscure web platform, to admirer of said cultural phenomenon, all the way back to laughing at the in-jokes made at its expense. Because we’re part of it.

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously now shall we?

Excuse, I must go update my twitter account to reflect the fact that I’ve made a new blogpost.