I recently commented on internet phenomefad twitter.
There’s plenty more where that came from, if not from me, then everybody else on the internet. There was an article in the Herald Tribune, and the hype just seems to keep getting bigger. The key of the phenomenon which I missed is that users subscribe to receive twitters from friends or people they want to ‘follow.’ In this sense it follows the same social networking model of myspace bulletins, and facebook ‘status updates.’
However twitter is starting to make some sense to me in the respect, that users say it connects them to friends and family who also use the service. But I’m not sure how it improves upon the facebook model (which I discovered first) . Besides, ‘twittering’ sounds like a lame thing to do, unless you’re a song-bird or an impossibly cute Japanese girl. But people dig it, and it connects us, and that’s why God invented the internet.