I spent all morning in line-ups yesterday. Actually, the first part of the morning I spent in traffic, the part right after that I spent looking for parking, and then the rest of the morning I spent in two different but related line-ups.

My initial lining up bore fruit, as I was given a pink ticket to take to the line-up across the hall.

There I lined up for about twenty minutes, took a 45 minute line-up break to go up the street for a muffin and coffee (I had the ticket, remember?), and then came back to line-up for another 30 minutes.

I got alot of reading done; that was a great way to pass the time, but still, I couldn’t help but wish for Flying Pig, the Kids in the Hall sketch character who visits me in my memory every time I line up. Just the thought of Flying Pig can cheer any line, but as of yet, he has never visited me in real life, no matter how long the line up is. I’ll keep hoping and remembering.