The Olympics came and went. In fact, they came and I went. Twice. Once to Wembley Stadium for some football, and once to the Olympic Park for some diving. They were good times, as these pictures will attest.

We made it, Wembley, August 2012

Waterwise communications department field trip to Wembley, August 2012

Good landscaping, Olympic Park August 2012

Good landscaping, featuring model, Olympic Park August 2012

Post-diving we hung out to get our picture taken, Olympic Park, August 2012

Lots of people love the Olympics, Olympic Park, August 2012

So as you can see, there were no less than two excursions to Olympic venues. In both cases, atmosphere was soaked up and events were witnessed. The performances were inspiring, the photography, as you can see, was less so.

That is all.